We believe the best team consists of the child, the parent and the teacher working together. As such, we welcome parents or prospective parents to visit Red Rose. We can arrange for you to visit the school at a convenient time.

We understand that communication with our parents is important. We aim to work together by:

  • A personal Home/School Diary to provide the day-to-day flow of information between  school and parents. For older students this mostly communicates homework or reading tasks.
  • Contacting parents as soon as possible if we are concerned about any aspect of their child’s welfare, progress or behaviour. We hope that parents will, in turn, inform us of any problems or anxieties which may be affecting their child.

Progress reports are sent home at the end of the Autumn term with a detailed Annual Report completed at the end of the summer term.

Many of our pupils have a Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) or an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC Plan): Parents are invited into school to discuss their child’s progress as part of the Annual review.

For our pupils who do not have a Statement of SEN or EHC Plan, a review and discussion of progress is arranged at a mutually convenient time during the school year.

In addition to the website, the school newsletters are a colourful insight into the events and activities of school life.

There are various events in school during the year, for example the Christmas Play, Coffee Mornings to which parents are invited by newsletter.

At Red Rose we are privileged to have a very supportive team of parents, and we are very grateful for their continuing support.

Parental Entitlement

All parents connected with the school have a right of access to all documentation specifically relating to their child. Parents also have the right of access to the following documents:

1. The School Curriculum

2. Ofsted reports which refer expressly to the school

3. Any syllabuses followed (whether for public examinations or otherwise)

4. The arrangements for the consideration of complaints about the school.

5. School policies concerning Religious Education and Sex Education

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